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Geographical distances often become barriers to completing cancer treatment.  The Daksha Chudgar Lydia House's lodging services is saving lives.

When the CSRA is the best hope for a cure. Lydia provides lodging services to men and  women (and when needed, their  caregiver) meeting the following criteria: 

  1. Cancer fighers who need lodging in order to receive cancer treatment, testing, and continuity of care  in the Central Savannah River Area.
  2. Cancer fighters who meet the first criteria and who reside over thirty miles from CSRA medical care.

            Note:  The Daksha Chudgar Lydia House is not a medical facility.


Daksha Chudgar Lydia House | Daksha Chudgar Lydia House

Referrals:  Overnight stay is available through referral by a physician.  A Lydia Medial Team reviews each referral for medical eligibility for Lydia lodging.  Guests may stay one night, or several weeks, depending on their approved referral and per their treatment plan.   The Daksha Chudgar Lydia House is open to all women or teenage girls and caregivers who need it, regardless of ability to pay.  Lydia partners with a local hotel to lodge male cancer fighters.  Caregivers can be husbands, mothers, fathers, adult sons or daughters, siblings, or friends. 

Click here for physicians' Lodging Referral Form

Daksha Chudgar Lydia House Support Groups | Daksha Chudgar Lydia House

Services:  Lodging Services include meals, transportation, support groups, and more.  Guests can participate upstairs with volunteers working with cloth, fringing, cutting, and other daily projects for women and girls served.  On Thursday mornings prayer is held at 9:30am to lift up  individuals coping with cancer. During the pandemic, prayer is held weekly via phone conference.

Network of Support.  At The Daksha Chudgar Lydia House, guests support each other as they relate their experiences. This interpersonal support network is part of what makes the Daksha Chudgar Lydia House more than just another place to spend the night. It is a healing environment where both body and mind are rejuvenated.

"My anxieties have been off the roof with the coronavirus, cancer diagnosis, and my financial situation.  If you could see through the mask I am smiling because The Lydia Project lessened my stress by providing two free nights of lodging so I could get this chemo treatment.  Tami and I would like supporters to feel our gratitude.  You are saving my life." -Bart and Tami 

“Thanks is so inadequate for the care shown and shared to my mother and I during our stay here at this blessed facility.  The hospitality and lodging has been such a blessing and relief.  Rest, peace, love, care, and encouragement, (smiles ☺) have been all of what we have found here...Our love. We thank you.”  -Monica (GA)

"Thank you for making our stay as comfortable as you did.  You made us feel at home and always offered help without complaining.  The volunteers are heaven-sent.  May God continue to bless all of you." -Shelia (GA)

 "Our recent stay at the Daksha Chudgar Lydia House was a wonderful experience.  The facilities are beautiful.  The kitchen, dining lounge and library are lovely.  The rooms are cozy and so clean.  Yet...it is the people who made our time with you exceptional.    You made us feel warm, welcome and safe inside your walls.  We are grateful." - Bridgette (GA)   


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For inquiries or to donate time or resources, including in honor or memory of a loved one, please call the agency at 706.736.5467.