"...after being hit by Hurricane Sandy and being without power for nine days receiving your notes meant so much. I just received news the cancer has spread more please keep up your prayers for me and my family.

-JoLee (NJ)

Your check kept a roof over my children. I thank God, for giving me all of you, and letting me know I am not alone. Your encouragement is comforting to my heart; I don't feel so afraid anymore.

-June (GA)

You mean so much to those who are going through this battle. I am very thankful for your staff and volunteers. You will bring brightness to my wife's day. Thank You

-Will (MI)

I ordered one of your totes for myself and am ordering one for a dear fried who is now going through the same journey I have. I think it will mean a lot to her! Thank you all for all your hard work!

- Marsha (AR)

Thank you so much for what you do. It really means a lot. There's not always a lot I can do for my mom, but this will make her day.

- Jandi (ID)

This is for my daughter whom not only is going through this battle, but her son is having major surgery in a few weeks (he is only 10 years old). She is being so brave throughout this. It is hard for those of us that have not gone through this ordeal to know exactly what to do except offer unconditional support and love. I'm not able to donate right now, but am more than happy to pay the handling charges.

-Catherine (KS)

Thank you for all you do, being a recent diagnosed breast cancer patient it meant a lot to me when my doctor gave me the tote and said you all would be praying for me.

Lisa (VA)