Agency Needs List

The Lydia Project is very grateful for donations of:

  • Most Often Needed:

    1. Lotion (purse size, placed in totes, no hotel samples, please) GREAT NEED!
    2. Tissue (pocket size, placed in totes)
    3. Pens (packages of blue or black)
    4. Note cards (cheerful, encouraging, blank)
    5. Toilet paper - 2 PLY (There are 14 bathrooms at Lydia)
    6. Toilet bowl cleaner
    7. Trash Bags (4 gal, 13 gal, 56 gal)
    8. Laundry Detergent (Free Clear pods or packs) for lodging area
    9. Gift cards to Kroger, Publix, BI-LO, Walmart (helps with supplies)
    10. Bottled water
    11. Swiffer Wet Mop refills
    12. Gloves, vinyl (disposable, size large)

  • For Lydia's Monthly Outreach to Local Cancer Treatment Sites
    (provided for patients' long chemo treatment days) -

    1. Dried mixed fruit/nuts - single serve
    2. Fruit cups - peaches, pears, mixed, --single serve, all types
    3. Applesauce cups - single serve
    4. Spoons, plastic - 24 count
    5. Graham crackers - single serve
    6. Granola bars - box of many!
    7. Nabisco Snacks - single Ritz, Cheese Nip, Wheat Thin
    8. Pringles snack stacks - .74 oz
    9. Snack Crackers - with cheese, peanut butter, etc., 8 pack
    10. Goldfish Crackers - Variety, snack size
    11. Almonds - single serve packets
    12. Walnuts - single serve packets
    13. Macaroni and cheese - add water; single serve size
    14. Beanee Weenee or Soups - Individual size

  • For Lodging Area Where Women, Teenage Girls, and Caregivers Stay Overnight:

    a. Tea bags (ginger or peppermint for nausea)
    b. Coffee Decaffeinated & regular
    c. Coffee Creamer
    e. Dryer sheets
    f. Twin Sheets (only white)
    g. Canned soups**
    h. Canned pasta (e.g., ravioli)**
    i. Fresh Fruit (banana, orange --fruit with a peel cover)
    j. Granola Bars
    k. Microwave meals - Macaroni & cheese
    l. Sugar (packets)
    m. Sugar Substitute (e.g., Stevia, Splenda, Equal)
    n. Quart and Gallon size Ziploc bags
    o. Canned meats* (chicken, ham, turkey, tuna, salmon)
    p. Plastic spoons, forks
    q. Crossword or Word Search books
    r. Towels, bath size, white
    **Please check dates on canned goods.